More rocks….

OKAY. So think of this as rocks getting thrown at you part 2.

Today I was with a friend and I realized something. Something I should have realized awhile back. For a while I have liked this person, he’s been a great friend, and knows how to make me laugh. But then I realized that he was into someone else. At first I felt stupid, like “I should have known better.” Then I realized it was my mistake. I should have realized that all he wanted was a friend. All he wanted was for someone to listen to him. And I took the little piece of rope and fell in a ditch.


Life had lots and lots of boulders… Yes… I don’t like it, but if you are going to get a negative view in life. Then you will be just like my dad. Someone who is afraid of the world, and someone who can’t find the good piece of hope in ANYTHING. if it’s good news, he’s afraid that it’s a rip-off. If it’s bad, “I told you so”

I don’t want you to be like my dad. I want you to find the positive in this. In my situation. I have to: 1. Give it to God. 2. Forgive myself for over analyzing the situation. 3. Find the positive. The positive is that he has been my friend first and always will be. We never had a relationship. It was just a hope for me, and lastly, I will stop over-analyzing any situation that cuts through my path.

” “For I know what plans I have in mind for you.” says the Lord. “Plans for your well-being and not for bad things so that you can have a hope and a future, when you call to me and pray to me. I will listen, when you seek me you shall find me provided you will seek for me wholeheartedly and I will let you find me.” says the Lord.” ”  –Jeremiah 29: 11-12


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