Silence is Golden…

I HATE gossips… I hate busybodies and I hate people who talk to much. OK that is harsh, I hate what they DO. People like that ruin other people’s lives, and people like that can turn something beautiful into something awful.

I used to dance at a dance studio. I got made fun of, teased, bossed around etc. And because of them I didn’t want to dance anymore.

I know someone who blabbed my secrets out. I wanted to hit her, she angered me so much. But I had to shrug it off and move on.

Also, a good friend of mine told someone else a secret of mine. I got upset with him because I trusted him and he damaged the trust.

DON’T speak out of turn, it will ruin you. BE a good friend, keep secrets. If you don’t agree with it, discuss it with ONLY that friend. Another way to look at it is you don’t want to be an employee and make fun of other co-workers. What if a customer over hears you?They tell your manager, and then you get fired. Not a good idea. The best idea is to keep your mouth SHUT!


One thought on “Silence is Golden…

  1. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience at your dance studio. In an anonymous way to deal with the drama at our studio, I started, a blog to share my pointe of view.

    As a fellow blogger and former dancer, I’d LOVE your opinion. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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