The Warrior Chapter One

Hello! This is my new story that I just finished. It has over 20 short chapters, and I would love it if you guys could comment and let me know if you like it 🙂 Thanks!

Chapter 1

I do not know how long this world has been like this. All I know is that I am in it. My name is Samara Nicole; I do not know my last name. I am 15 and I have only one goal, one dream, and one destiny, to SURVIVE. Long ago my ancestors walked this Earth, my grandparents told me of a bright light, and it was so bright that you could go blind if you stared at it; they called it the “sun.” Now, when I look outside there is nothing but darkness. They told me of cities with towers so high they touched the heavens, but all I see is hills, mountains, and the ruins of those buildings. They told me of a place, where there was celebration, dancing and laughter. But all I know is pain, loneliness, and sadness.


I have walked around this dark world since birth. Both parents killed, eaten by werewolves. I ran I survived. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, everything I knew taken away from me, either killed by zombies, or an unknown source. I learned to talk from an old woman, who taught me everything about survival; she gave me everything I needed. She told me of a ruler. He was evil he lived in a castle in his kingdom. No one knew of his name or where his home is. She told me how everything turned dark. He came in, they called him a King; the people trusted him. Then the world turned upside down. Darkness came in, massacres everywhere you looked, some people escaped. Now we call him the Dark King.

The night before my mentor, Lucinda was her name, died; she told me something I will never forget. She said,

“Samara, there is another King, he is not like the Dark King, he is the opposite, I have been his follower all my life. I don’t know of his name, but we call him the Light King.” I listened intently knowing what she was going to say next was important,

“Samara, someone will rise, and defeat the Dark King, someone will have victory.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I said dumbfounded,

She looked at me sternly,

“Because I have a feeling that you are this person. So if you hear a voice, trust your instincts.” That was all she said, I tried asking her about it the next morning but she said nothing. So we went outside to find some food. Lucinda leaned on my arm as we walked out of the house. It was like a mud hut, but it was shelter. She found it years ago and has lived there since. When I found her, I was only 5, she took me in and gave me shelter. Lucinda was about 65, short, thin, and frail. She had a very soft voice, we walked to some blackberry bushes I let go of her arm while she collected them there, and I went my way. Our eyes are used to this darkness. We can see in the dark as if there were light in it. Then I heard a voice while I was picking berries. Lucinda was about 100 yards from me. The Voice only said was one word.

“Run.” Then I heard a scream, I turned and saw Lucinda get kidnapped. I ran away, and climbed a tall tree within seconds. I looked down and saw four characters wearing dark hooded cloaks stand over Lucinda. One pulled his hand out, it was just bones. They were skeletons,

“Where is she?” whispered one in an evil voice,

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” She said.

“Lies!” said another and grabbed her by the throat. I clapped my hand over my mouth trying not to scream or cry.

“Where is she?” Lucinda struggled and said,

“Back at the house, now get your dirty paws off me!” He dropped her, and pulled out a hideous looking scythe,

“For some reason I don’t believe you.” She glared at him, “Good. Get rid of me, see if I care, all I know is that The Dark King will get defeated.” He roared in anger and slashed at her head, the blade hitting her neck. I looked at the murder I just witnessed. I tried hard not to scream. I pulled out my dagger, I was about to jump right on top of him and kill him when I heard the voice again,

“It was her time, it is not yours. Wait.” Strangely I listened and quieted down, the skeletons took off in the direction opposite of the house. When it was quiet I climbed down and went toward Lucinda. I went towards her head, her grey hair was soaked in blood. I sat there astonished, not knowing what to do until I heard The Voice, it said,

“Go, find me, you will find me in the land they called America, I will give you tools to use on your journey, you are alive for a reason Samara, don’t forget that.”

After that, there was silence, all I heard were the birds giving out their distress calls. I stood up slowly and went back to the house. I gathered up all of my belongings and went on my way.


11 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter One

  1. You chose well when you wrote this story in first person. It helps create a stronger link to a story of a future/fantasy genre. Your writing is quick to capture the attention of the reader as well. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to hold a little back in the beginning. Let the reader develop some questions on their own before you answer them all. Let the story unfold like a flower as the day grows hotter. Great job. Keep writing. You know how to weave a great story.

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