The Warrior Chapter 2

Chapter 2

                That was two years ago. Since then I have become stronger. My small thin frame changed, I am now tall and lean. My grey eyes are now silver, they shine in this darkness and help me get to where I need to be, I have been called pretty, but I shrug off the compliment, the look on my face says, “I will get my way, for I deserve it.” Which I have, this journey has been long, and tough. I have fought countless amounts of zombies, werewolves, humans, vampires, ninjas, warriors…. A little bit of everything.

               The Voice as I now call it has helped me, it hasn’t spoken to me since, but it has given me helpful tools. I got goggles to where I can see in this dark, matches to start fire, weapons to protect my self, a map, a first aid kit, and a backpack where all these things were in it. In addition, I found a book, it looked old, and the pages smelled earthy. There were characters written in it that I did not know of, for I cannot read. However, when I grab the book and look through the pages, for some reason I feel safe, as if nothing can harm me. Even a group of 500 zombies cannot harm me when I sleep with the book. I am hoping that in the end of my journey when I find The Voice it can help me read this book.

                   I now see a creek and I lay my pack down, and wipe my hands on my jeans. I bend down to drink some water and wet my dark chocolate hair. I have a fair olive tone to my skin, so the water cools my warm body. Even though there is no light, there is a humid heat that makes this darkness feel even more evil. I hate it, I jumped in the creek and let the cool water run through my body. I take a sigh, wishing it could be this way forever, where it is nice, cold, and quiet. Knowing there was no one around, I climbed to a rock and jumped in making a big splash. I laughed to myself, I enjoy the simplicity of nature.

                When I finished my time of fun, I sat in the shallow part of the creek and just closed my eyes. I heard leaves rustle behind me and I jumped up, immediately pulling out my long knife. Then I hear– CRACK  THUMP, “OW.” I got out of the creek, and drenching wet, I figured out a way to light up my torch. I turned the torch over to the area where I heard the noise, and on the dried leaves was a boy, he looked younger than I, about 14 or 15. He had curly brown hair, and was super thin. He looked like a twig, I watched him carefully with my knife raised at him, I have encountered humans, mainly men; and all of them say the same thing, how pretty I am. I hate it, it came to a point to where every guy who said that wanted to kill me, and so I killed him before they could harm me. But this boy looked harmless.

He got up, “Ow,” he repeated.

I stared at him, “Why were you in that tree?” I looked around; some people came in groups, I couldn’t trust anyone. He glared, “Why are you pointing a knife at me?” “Answer my question first.” he warily looked at the blade and held his hands up, “My name is Adler. I am 15 and I am running away from freaky looking ninjas.”

“Why are you running? Are you a criminal?”
“No,” he said and looked down sadly,

“I lost my parents yesterday; those ninjas killed them. I escaped. Since then they have been hunting me down.”

I put my knife down carefully, not fully trusting him, “What were you doing spying on me then?”

“I wasn’t,” he said putting his hands down. He looked relaxed. “I was trying to sleep in that tree when I saw you, I started watching you, and I was here first.”

I frowned confused, “But it’s dark, how can you see me?” He held up goggles similar to mine, “I wear these almost all the time, but I am used to the darkness, I can see pretty much everything without goggles.” I let my guard down he was just a kid. Like me, he had no parents. Maybe he could teach me some things. I felt the book in my backpack, I looked at him again, he wasn’t half bad-looking, he looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, but within time, he could be a very good swordsman, I could tell by his arms, and the way he stood. I held out my hand,

“My name is Samara Nicole, just call me Samara.”

He shook it with a grin, “Ok,”

“I have food,” I said, “I hunt, so I always have food.”

Adler gave me a strange look, “Should I trust you? Are you a pretty cannibal that I should run from?” I blushed at the word “pretty” I was happy he noticed but I thought about my mission, my journey. My eyes grew cold again,

I replied,  “Fine then, don’t eat, but I warn you, if you run away you will be killed.”

 “How do you know-”

I gave him a serious look, “Trust me, I have had my fair share of ninjas, and any other creature you name.” I lifted the back of my shirt up, there were two long scars that went from my shoulder blades down to the middle of my back, “That was from a vampire, that was the first creature I killed, but I have become better.”

Adler’s eyes looked at the scars as if he didn’t care. “You should have seen what happened to me when I encountered a werewolf.” was all he said. I looked at his skinny frame, I was shocked that he knew how to fight; he looked like he didn’t know a thing about survival. The sad painful look in his eyes were similar to mine and when he walked I could tell he was in pain because he slightly winced. Barely noticeable in plain view, but to someone like me, who pays attention to every detail, little things are obvious.

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