The Warrior Chapter 3


Chapter 3


I was still not sure about Adler, he was now devouring the turkey I shot earlier that day and of course, I cooked it. Over the fire, I came to know more about him. He still didn’t say much, something in my gut told me to trust him, but my heart was cold, it only said two words. “Kill him.” I was pondering whether to trust my instincts or my heart when Adler said,

“Thanks for the food, I have one question.”

“Sure, shoot.”

“What are you doing here? I don’t know much about you, except of your name. You look about 16 and where are your parents?”

 I pulled out my knife from its sheath and started to sharpen it, “You know,” I said, “It’s funny you ask… My advice to you? Shut up.”  I put the sword back in its sheath.

He shook his head, “No no, not like that, I mean. I-” He was trying to say something; I smirked at the way he was trying to get the words out. “Is- is it ok if I join you?”

 I whipped my head up, “Why?” My thoughts were going back to my heart.

 He shrugged, “I have no home, or life. I can’t hunt, but I can defend myself easily, I have fought before even though it may not look like it, wherever you’re going I want to go to.”

I was still suspicious I don’t know this kid! Who the hell does he think he is? He can’t even hunt. I saw my backpack and thought of the book.

“Can you read?”

He looked puzzled at the question. “Yeah, some words, not many. Reading is part of the Old World. My parents tried to teach me, but then they were killed.” He looked sad for a minute the replaced it face with a hard cold look. “But that was yesterday, you are today.” He smiled.

 I laughed; he was alright. “Fine, join me.” And then I did the unthinkable, “I am on a journey,”

“Doing what?”

 “I hear a Voice, I don’t know who it is and it speaks to me as clear as you speak to me. It’s crazy I know, it told me to go to Old America and to find something there.” I grabbed the book. “It said I would find tools along the way, I found this backpack with this book. I don’t know Adler, when I hold this book… There is something powerful to this book. I was hoping you could help me read it.” I opened my backpack and gave it to him.

He opened the book. His eyes grew stone cold and closed the book. “I don’t know where you found this, Sorry, I can’t read it. I don’t believe your story. And yes, it is kind of crazy walking out here just because you heard a ‘voice.’ ”

 With that, he got up and walked off. I grabbed my knife leaped up and tackled him to the floor with my knife on his throat.

I was about to finish him off when I heard The Voice, “Stop! He is there for a reason, you might hate him, but you two were supposed to meet.”

 I still had my knife to his throat; he glared at me, “So, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and kill me.” I got off him and offered my hand.

He grabbed it got up and brushed the dirt off him. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

“Because a voice told me too.” With that, I walked back to the campfire and put my book away. He slowly made his way back to the fire. I finished eating and lied on my back I closed my eyes to go to sleep. I took one last peek; Adler was laying down on his back looking at the black sky, with tears running down his face.




15 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 3

  1. This story is very good. The conversations seem a little… clipped, as if English wasn’t the first language of all the people talking. Accented, short and… As if they were all Japanese who learned to speak English late in life (no offense, anyone). If I were you, I’d make the conversations seem more natural, unless you’re trying to go for the accented speech. That’s just me, though. You can do what you like; you’ve done great so far.

    Yesterday I had been praying for a friend that could help me with writing, and then you popped up on my radar. Would you like to help edit my story that I’ve started?

  2. Sure! 🙂 I love writing and no, i wasn’t going for that. I wanted for the girl to be cold and uncaring. that’s why it’s clipped (and i take no offense 🙂 ) she hates people and has very little heart. my mom teaches me about writing so this is one of my first good stories i decided to publish 🙂

    1. Making it come out in the vocabulary is good, but you could also try adding an adjective to the “I said” parts, like “I whipped my head up. ‘Why?’ I asked harshly/sharply.”

      Is your mom a published writer too?

    1. I’ll publish my own story on the website below:
      You can comment there, but… I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, and I share an email with my family, so it would look strange if I started correspondence with some unknown person. Would comments like this work?

      1. I’m also going to make a Comments page on the Isaac Phael site, where you can comment on anything and/or everything. Would that suit?

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