The Warrior Chapter 5


Chapter 5


Barata grinned evilly. It went well with the girl.

He rubbed his bald head. “The Dark King would like this.” he thought. “He would like this a lot.”

 A skeleton in armor walked toward him. “The King can see you now.” Barata stood up and entered a room.

He adjusted to the fire that was in the middle of the room. It was a black fire. Barata saw the fire, only the Dark King could make a black fire. It was dark, and it gave light. How perfect.

“Come, Barata.” Said a gloomy voice. He approached the fire.

He saw the Dark King’s face, he bowed. “Your Majesty,”

The Dark King was… well… dark. He wore black linens. He wore black robes. His scepter was black with a gargoyle on it. Its serpent tongue stuck out like if it were teasing him. The Dark King’s hair was black, his eyes, were pure evil. Not even Barata could look into his eyes. Not one creature, living or dead could look into those eyes.

“Are the rumors true?” The Dark King asked. Barata shook his head, “I don’t know, my men killed the boy, the girl looked like she put up a fight. I am going to wait until she is calm, and scared.”

The Dark King nodded, “You better do it before she starts to understand things we don‘t want her to understand. Oh, and when you’re finished,” The evil King laughed, “You can put her where her family is.” Barata nodded, still looking at the floor. “Go, now, my son.” He saw Barata smile in pride and left.

The Dark King smiled, “How foolish,” he thought, “How dare he think of me as his father.” He laughed aloud. “Just wait for the little surprise I have for him when he returns… Then he won’t think of me as ‘Daddy’ ” He thought about the only thing he was scared of. The only thing that would ruin him forever. He thought he finished him for good a long time ago, but rumors came up that he was back, and people were reporting sights of him. He couldn’t risk that. He thought about Samara, the girl who could ruin his plans. “Just wait Samara,” he thought, “You don’t even know who you are messing with.”


14 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 5

      1. I can’t say the same for my own story; just today I finally figured out how it would end, but I don’t know how it will get there yet. It’s still in the spontaneity stages.

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