The Warrior Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Adler!” I screamed. I ran toward him, and saw a lot of blood. I ran to the creek I looked for something to get water with. I saw a bucket, I never saw that bucket there before, but it helped me. I carried it over to him. I held his head in my arms, and splashed water on him, he was still unconscious. The blood washed off. I checked his pulse it was very faint but he would be alive.

I sighed; and rocked back on my heels and started crying, “Finally!” I screamed into the darkness. “Finally, someone you didn’t take away from me.”

I didn’t even know who I was talking to then. All of a sudden, I heard, “Samara?” I looked down, Adler was there, and he awoke. “Adler,” I cried, “Are you ok?”

“I’ve felt better.” I laughed, with tears running down my face. “I’m glad,” I said, and hugged him, he hugged me back.

“What happened?” He asked confused. I told him about Baldy, then he remembered what happened after that.

He frowned. “I brought you into this, I am sorry.” I shook my head, “No we’re in this together.”

 I saw tears in his eyes, he looked at me, “I did, and I regret it, I came to you looking for protection, and yet, I almost killed myself. I used you for my own will.”

I listened, not caring what he said, yes, he was wrong but something about this incident made me feel… as if I was closer to him. Like, after this nothing could break us apart.

He could tell I wasn’t going to leave. “I am going to take care of you,” I went to my first aid kit and got some bandages. He had several large lacerations, and he probably had a slight concussion.

He should be dead after a blow like that. But something saved him; it was a miracle in its own way. I put his head in my lap and started cleaning and wrapping his wounds.

“I should tell you the truth; I know you heard what that guy said.”

“Yes, you should.” I agreed, I was wondering what the bald guy was talking about since the incident happened.

“My parents never died. I ran away, they work for that evil king-”

“The Dark King?”

 “Yeah, him. Anyway, a few days ago, they wanted me to join his army. The Dark King is having an army to destroy and kill anyone or anything, that doesn’t believe in him. I heard my parents discuss that the fabled Light King has come back, and he is about to bring down the Dark King with his army. But there is someone who the King is afraid of, someone who will ruin his plans.”

 I frowned, “I wonder who that is.”

 Adler looked at me, “Yeah, I wonder… So ever since I was born, my parents have worked for him. They offered their experience for home and fire. My parents have worked for him for years.”

“Have you ever met him?” I asked, “Yes, only once though. I was thirteen. I did not like him, he looked just plain evil.”

“Why did you leave?” “My parents forced me to join his army. I didn’t want to, I don’t like that…Thing. Whatever he is, because he sure isn’t human.”

 By now, I finished wrapping his head. I held his face in my hands, “Be good, just rest. I am going to get lunch, and hopefully dinner.” He smiled and held his hands up in surrender, “Ok boss.” I came up with the excuse of lunch. I had to leave; I needed to be alone, I got my bow and arrows, and went off. I thought about his story, he needed to hear mine. But that wouldn’t be until later I thought. I replayed the memory of what just happened within the past hour. I knew he heard me scream and that’s why he woke up. It was a miracle that he awoke; I shook my head, he should be dead…




Adler was lying on the soft ground. Since he was surrounded by trees, the dead leaves made a nice cushion for him. He adjusted to his surroundings. All around him were oak trees, they stood tall and strong. The roots were coming forth from the ground, making the forest look like a creepy place. But Adler wasn’t scared; he found it amusing, he touched his hand to his head and winced. He remembered getting hit by the stupid ninja,

curse that ninja” he thought. He looked around the woods, and saw the dead ninja’s body. He laughed; at least one wish of his came true.

He thought about what Barata told him, he knew Barata, He was the King’s favorite “hired helper.” He frowned, He remembered what he asked him, “She’s been wanted by the King for close to 3 years. Do you trust her?” Adler knew Samara heard that comment. He was completely open and honest with her, now he wanted some answers. He wanted to trust her, behind the tough bravado she had on, he saw right through her. He saw someone who was just as scared as he was. He wanted to make her open up; he wanted her to trust him. He also knew something she didn’t, he knew the person who was going to ruin The Dark King’s plans. That person was Samara; he wondered when he was going to tell her that she was the one who would end all of this chaos. As he looked at the black sky, he heard crickets singing a tune, and  heard a woodpecker making a home in a tree. He settled back down on the ground and rested. 



I yawned, this was my third hour gone, and I still couldn’t find anything. I was about to call it a day when I heard something. I looked through the night vision goggles and saw a deer. I sighed, I hate killing deer; they are so cute. Even though I am tough, and serious, I do have a sentimental side to me. I shot the deer right in the heart, it went down easily. I jumped up and grabbed the arrow, I put it back in my sheath which I made by hand, and lugged most of the deer with me. I couldn’t carry the entire thing with me. It was too heavy, so I cut the head and legs off and I carried the rest with me. It was still heavy but I could do it.

On the way back my mind went back to Adler. I wanted to talk to him; I haven’t talked to anyone in three years. I talked to one guy… He tried to rape me, and he ended up with his head cut off. I really thought he was cool, he hung out with me for a few days and yes, I liked him. This was a few months ago… But he wasn’t like Adler; I could tell Adler was being honest with me. I also knew that he was keeping something from me, and until I found out what that was. I wasn’t going to tell anything about me and my past.



12 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 6

  1. Like I said before, it seems a bit of a shock how Samara suddenly warms up to Adler. I mean, I know she’s seen many people killed by many different killers, and she wouldn’t want it to happen again, but is that really a reason to loosen up so quickly? I’m sorry if I’m a bit too insistent on the same concept, so I’ll shut my enormous dragon trap of a mouth (or computer keyboard).

      1. It is VERY good. No writer is perfect, though all have their own different definitions of the word. Of course, no one can be.

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