The Warrior Chapter 7


Chapter 7




“I got food!”

Alder smiled, “Yay!” I laughed. “You know what Alder? You have made me laugh the most than I can remember in my life. I don’t even remember laughing back in the past.”

He gave me a look that made me wonder what he was thinking, “Thank you, I have always loved to make people smile or laugh. Can I help with lunch?” I shrugged, “Sure, just skin it and I’ll get some water.” I came back with the water, grabbed my matches and started a fire.

Adler looked at me, “You know that’s illegal,” I frowned, “What’s illegal?”

“Starting fires, The Dark King banned them because fires give light. He doesn’t want anyone to have light except him and his followers. He invented his own fire its black and it gives off its own kind of creepy light.”

I nodded, “Ok, whatever, I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years and I have killed almost everyone who encounters my path. So if I want fire, I’ll have fire.”

Adler nodded, “Okay.” I could tell something was on his mind I wasn’t sure what it was, though I had an idea. I put down the skewer I was poking the meat with, “Okay, I know you have been wanting answers.” Adler opened his eyes and looked at me.


“My name is Samara Nicole, I am not lying about that, I don’t know my last name. My parents died when I was young, and something or someone finished off the rest of my family. I was found by Lucinda, and elderly woman who took me in.”

I took a deep breath and told him how Lucinda told me of the Light King, I told him about her death, and I told him again about The Voice. I looked down nervously, I tried not to let my tears come but oddly they did.

“Come here.” he said. And I did, I let him hug me. 15 years of pain and regret dwindled away as I cried into his shoulder. “I know you think I’m crazy,” I cried out, “I know you think I’m weird. But-”

He put his finger on my lips shushing me, “Don’t say that, I don’t think you’re weird, in fact I think you’re just like me.”

 I wiped away a few tears, “How?”

“We both don’t have a home, both of us are looking for something, and I think I found it.” He held me closer. I rested my head in his chest, and forgot about lunch.

I whispered something that I wasn’t sure if I would regret it later on, “I feel like I never deserve anything good. Sometimes I close my eyes and I imagine myself. Happy, dancing in a field, with light like my ancestors did in the old days. With someone to love me forever. I imagine myself stronger, smarter and secure.” I felt something wet and realized without looking up that Adler was crying, “I know” he said. “I know.”




I took a small nap and woke up in his arms. I looked around and realized that lunch was done, well, a little burned but done. I slipped myself from his arms and tended to the meat. I looked at Adler; His closed eyes seemed at peace. He had a slight smile on his face. My heart was beating fast and I didn’t know why.

I thought about what happened. I smiled thinking about him; I shook my head and frowned. I couldn’t love him. My face paled, “No.” I whispered, I went up to Adler I put my hand in his and kissed it. “Sorry, but I can’t love you.” I whispered, “I don’t want you to be where the others are.”

I wiped my tears away. I felt a hand on my shoulder; I looked around and saw no one. But there was a warm comforting presence, I felt a cold breeze. I stood up; I closed my hands and held my arms out. I can’t describe the feeling. It was warm and soft, yet cold and caring. The warm/cold fusion was enticing. Then I heard, “I imagine you.” I recognized that Voice, I knew it anywhere now. Then I felt as if someone reached for me, and I felt like someone was hugging me. I was overwhelmed by the presence that I fainted.




Adler woke up without Samara in his arms, he blinked a few times, he saw the deer meat still on the fire. It was burned, “Oh well,” he thought. He wondered what time it was. He checked his digital watch, it said 1:16 He was asleep for an hour. He got up and put more wood in the fire. Then he noticed Samara on the ground, “Samara?” he heard nothing, he saw the odd way her body was positioned, “Oh no, Samara are you ok?” he ran to her. She was unconscious he checked her pulse it was strong. He frowned confused. It didn’t make sense, he knew she wasn’t sleeping, but she seemed alright, he put a compress on her head.




I bolted up when I felt something cold on my forehead. Then I felt a lot of pain in my head, “Ow,” I said. “Hey Samara it’s me.” I felt something warm. This wasn’t like the warm presence; it was Alder hugging me, “Are you ok? What happened?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, I woke up and went to tend to the meat when I heard something. I freaked out and I fainted.” I frowned, “I am not usually like that,”

Adler got up and walked around. He went up to a tree, “Did you see this?” I looked up and saw a piece of paper on a tree. “No, what is it?” Adler took it off and read it.

 It said, “Adler, this is your last chance. Turn in the girl and yourself. You have two options, do as listed above. Or die. Simple as that. I know over 500 ways to kill someone; I will do all of those if you don’t comply. Oh, by the way.-” Adler stopped reading; he dropped the paper and walked off. “Adler? What happened?” He didn’t respond, I ran and picked up the paper it said,  “By the way, your parents had a tragic accident. They are not living anymore.”


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      1. Only four so far… though I have tons more notebooks filled with tons more ideas about tons more topics about tons more stories about… I’ll stop. By the way, I’m at my best when driving someone crazy.

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