The Warrior Chapter 8

Chapter 8


 I paled, I knew this wasn’t an accident I knew that this evil person killed his parents. I saw the signature it said “Signed by Barata, Assistant of The Dark King. Long Live The Dark King!” I crumbled the paper and threw it into the fire.

I took the meat off the fire before it was inedible then I went after Adler. “Adler!” I called, “Where are you?” I put on my vision goggles and started running, I couldn’t lose him. For some reason he was a part of my life now and it would kill me to lose him. It hurt me to admit it, but I was comfortable with the thought.  I was torn, I didn’t want to love him, I didn’t want him to die, but when would it be the time when I would finally be happy? When will I get what I want and it doesn’t have to cost my life or someone else’s?

I saw Adler in the distance, and ran even harder. I tore off my goggles as I came up to him; I grabbed his shoulder, “What’s your problem? I relent to you about my problems and then you hear this news and you run off? I trust you, why can’t you trust me? It goes both ways you know.”

Adler shook his head, “Samara I don’t need this right now. My parents just died. Yes, even though they were forcing me to make a desicion I didn’t want to, I still loved them. And yes, I trust you Samara, but I need some time alone.”

I stepped back, I felt so stupid. I gave him a hug, “I’m sorry Adler, I- I just don’t trust people easily and when I do I end up getting hurt. I thought you weren’t coming back.” I was hoping he would hug me back but he didn’t it was stiff and cold. I backed off, “I’m sorry,” and I ran, I ran away from there as fast as I could. I made a mistake, I hate doing mistakes because then I would have to admit I did something wrong. But Adler was my friend, a friend I didn’t want to lose over a petty fight.


I got back to the fire and took a few deep breaths. The running exhausted me, and I didn’t feel like thinking about what happened a few minutes ago so I ate my lunch. The deer was charred. And I had to tear of a lot of the meat so I could eat the good parts. By the time I was finished, Adler still hadn’t returned. I was worried by now; I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I wanted Adler to come back and see if he was ok. I wanted him to hug me and say “Its ok I forgive you.” but then I didn’t want him to come back, I didn’t want him to ignore me or worse tell me goodbye and walk off, like everyone has done before. I fiddled with my long hair, and kept tending to the fire.

A few hours past until I finally heard a noise, “Thank God you’re back, I’ve been waiting for you forever.” I stood and looked around and saw nothing.

Then I heard an evil laugh that gave me chills, “So, we meet again Samara.” I turned slowly to the voice, I knew that voice, it was Baldy’s. He gave me a shrewd smile, “I know who you were calling to, unfortunately, he isn’t the hero you thought he was. He ran into us and turned you in little girl.”

I paled, “No,” I thought, “This couldn’t be true. He wouldn’t do this to me.” Baldy smiled at the look on my face it was as if he could read my mind, “Sorry, you put your trust in him. But he didn’t want to die like his parents so he ratted you out.”

“Go to hell!” I shouted. Baldy shook his head clucking like an old chicken, “Too bad you would say that. If it were my choice those would have been your last words.” He reached in his cloak and pulled out something. I ran to my pack and grabbed my sword.

Baldy looked at the fire, “Oh, The King would not like this. You know this is illegal right?” I glared at him, I was starting to really hate this guy, “Yeah, and I don’t give a damn.” Baldy laughed, “A feisty girl you are, with a mouth on her.” I looked around; I didn’t see any of Baldy’s ninjas with him I knew he had more, even though we killed a good amount of them. “Where are your little minions?” Baldy shrugged, “I didn’t need them.” He said simply.

I frowned, I knew he must have seen my killing skills but I was confused why he came alone. He pulled out a gun I knew all too well. It was a Spas-12, one shot to the head, and I would relate to the headless horseman. I dropped my weapon, it was useless to that gun; even if I threw my sword at his head, the bullet would decapitate me before the sword touched his skin. I held my hands up in surrender behind my head. Baldy looked happy at my choice; he threw water on the fire and tied my hands with rope. The whole time I had tears in my eyes. He mounted up on his horse, a rare breed of animal.

Horses almost became extinct back then, The Dark King fought over the world. Militaries from all over the world united and fought against The Dark King. When they found out that nothing could defeat The Dark King. They ran into hiding, they had no food, and since they didn’t want to resort to cannibalism they ate every kind of animal including horses. When the war ended, The Dark King started rationing out the food since horses were needed for certain things like farming and battle. I have never met a horse before. This horse seemed kind, he was white, a total controversy to this darkness. I patted him he nickered softly and butted my chest with his big nose. I laughed, this creature was big, but they were funny. I would like to have one of my own someday.

Baldy saw me enjoying myself with this animal even though I was probably about to be killed, he yanked at my ties and put me behind the animal. “You follow behind me, if you try to make any moves,” he held up his gun as a threat. I rolled my eyes, “Whatever.” I said. I heard a shot, it freaked me out, it freaked the horse out as well. Baldy ignored the horse, “That was a warning.” He got on his horse, and I started making faces at him. I tried calming the horse down with my voice, for he was still prancing in place. “Its ok, ssshhh. Please be nice ok?” The horse calmed down, Baldy looked at me puzzled. Eventually we went on our way. I didn’t expect for Adler to come back. He betrayed me, I trusted him too easily, I should have listened to my guts. But for some reason, I knew someone was going to save me. So I made a message. Luckily, Baldy didn’t notice me drop my night vision goggles, and he didn’t notice the message in the dirt. Saying, “HELP” So, on our way I purposely dragged my feet so marks would show in the dirt. I was a fighter, and I would never stop being one.






8 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 8

      1. Sure is! Mine does too, but I haven’t been able to publish the best chapters yet. I’ve got this hilarious scene that completely makes fun of… well… everything that I might have to cut out because it just brings a lethargic nature into the otherwise smoothly running story. All it does is lend laughs and a small character without much of a part. I don’t want to do anything yet, though. You’ll see it come out eventually. But, back to your story, very good! That goes for Chap. 9 as well.

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