The Warrior Chapter 9


Chapter 9


Adler kicked a loose rock in the dirt. He was shocked about the news, and upset. He swore he would get revenge on Barata and the Dark King. He thought about the way Samara ran off, he felt bad for making her feel guilty. He knew he should have been kinder about the situation, but he had enough of everything. He sighed and turned around to walk back to the fire.

Instead of getting welcomed by a warm fire, he was welcomed by darkness. He frowned and looked around he didn’t see Samara instead he saw her goggles on the ground; he saw her pack still full of supplies. He frowned, “That’s odd.” he thought, “She left her goggles and supplies here.” He grabbed a match and some wood and lit up a torch he swung the torch around. Then he saw the message. “HELP.” Then he understood what happened, Samara was kidnapped.

He hurridley grabbed her pack and put on the goggles. He saw some drag marks, he didn’t want to think about what could have happened to her. So he followed the tracks, as he followed them, every now and then he would bend down and touch the earth. He could tell by training that these were not recent tracks probably an hour or two old. He shook his head sadly, “I shouldn’t have left her.” He said aloud. He vowed to himself that he would not rest until he found Samara.


11 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 9

      1. This reminds me a lot of that. I just read it for the first time today. The first book only. The rest are in high demand at my library. But I digress. Your style in writing this story is just like in the Hunger Games. The first person, present-tense storytelling…? Your plan or no?

      2. It’s always good to have a role model. Also good to be writing the story yourself, instead of copying. Believe me, I know what that feels like. I spent the first three years of my writing copying my favorite authors almost to the letter.

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