The Warrior Chapter 11


Chapter 11


I asked Adler a lot of questions about horses, and he was patient with all my questions. He explained to me that horses had very good vision and could see in the dark extremely well. He told me that we had to trust the horse. Of course I was confused and he would laugh saying that it was simple.

 I told him hunting was simpler, and he would object. We would go bickering on back and forth. Until Thor stopped suddenly, “What’s happening now?” Adler frowned, “I don’t know. Can I see your map?” I pulled it out. “Sure, here you go.” He looked the map over, “According to the map, we are near the field. Did the voice say anything about a specific place?” I shook my head sadly. “No, I’m still waiting, let’s keep going until we tire. Then tomorrow do the same thing until I hear something.” “Okay.”

 So we kept riding. A few hours later he checked his watch, “Its 7 do you want to stop?” Thor was slowing down, he looked worn out. I nodded, “Sure lets break and then get back on the road.”

I was trying to act like I was fine, but after the events of the afternoon; I was tired, hungry, and upset. Upset at the reason that Baldy knew who my parents were and I didn’t, I don’t have one memory of them. But this evil villain knew them, and I was begging to know how and why. Adler could sense something was on my mind, but he kept quiet which I was grateful for.

We drank some water and I was hungry, so I set off looking for food. This time Adler joined me, “Here, I’ll go hunting, you gather firewood.” I shook my head, “No, I like hunting, and give me back my bow!”

He was taller than me and held it up high over me I tried getting it. “Ha Ha shortie.”

“I am not short! In fact, I am tall for my age.”

 “And I am slightly younger than you and taller than you.”

 I stopped grabbing for my bow, “Fine, have it your way but if you come back with one measly rabbit. It’s mine.” He laughed, “Oh I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” 

 When Adler left, I collected the fire wood and made sure Thor was eating; I grabbed a rough piece of bark and brushed it through his hair. I heard Thor sigh with relief, I laughed. It looked like he enjoyed it so I kept brushing his coat, then his mane. The bark didn’t do well for the mane, but Thor thought it felt good so I continued. I sighed myself, wondering about my parents even more. I was in deep thought when I felt something poke my side I jumped, “Ha got you.” I rolled my eyes, “I was in deep thought.”

Adler held up two rabbits. “I got my first one within five minutes, it took another 15 minutes before I got the other one so I did all of that waiting so you could eat.”

“Well you were lucky, last time I was gone for three hours remember?”

Adler nodded, “Something is strange, I don’t know what it is, but I see plants such as flowers, and grass. And rabbits usually aren’t in dark areas like this. But I found two.” I frowned confused; I looked at what Thor was eating, he was eating grass, “Doesn’t grass need light to grow?” “Yes, of course this is why it’s so strange.” I sat down on a boulder that was nearby and thought about it. An idea came into my head, not a smart one but it was better than nothing, “Let’s keep riding,” “Why, I’m tired, and hungry-” “So am I, but let’s follow the grass let’s see where there is more of it.” Adler sighed, “OK, we’ll go for one hour, if we find nothing we stop deal?” “Deal.”

 So we put the rabbits in the saddle pack, they weren’t too bloody. And we decided not to ride Thor because he was tired already, so Adler led him and I walked on the other side of Thor. I was more on my knees feeling the grass and following it. I could tell that Adler sensed I was crazy. Every now and then I looked up and his eyes were on me, his look was like, “You’re crazy.” I would look back down and tell myself, “I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy.” Then I heard howling and screeching, Adler heard it too, “What was that?”

 I pulled out my sword, “Nothing good.” He looked at me, “No, really, what is it. I know you know.” “Vampires and werewolves. There now you know.” Adler shook his head, “I don’t understand…”

“What is it you don’t understand? You have to hurry Adler, they will be here within five minutes. I can tell by how far the sound is coming from.”

“When I was trained, back at The Dark King’s kingdom. They told me how to fight all kinds of creatures, unicorns, wolves, and not werewolves mind you, pegasi, centaurs, demons… But not vampires.”

“Sounds like to me, they didn’t want you to learn.”

“Why Samara?” He whispered. I thought about it fo a second, then I knew. I finally figured out what the Dark King had planned out, “Now listen to me very carefully, did they teach you how to fight any of these creatures I’m going to name: Ninjas, werewolves, vampires, minotaurs, mummies, serpent creatures, and dragons?” “No, maybe a couple. What are you getting at?” “I think The Dark King wants to train an army to fight another army.” “Who?” “The Light King. Of course! It makes sense now…” Adler looked confused, “Who is that?” “I don’t know, all I know is that The Dark King put him away for a while. So The Dark King is training his army to fight good creatures. Is your army full of humans?”

 “Many most are guys my age. And what do you mean by good creatures.”

“I have met many unicorns, and centaurs, and they have not harmed me. They probably said they were ferocious beasts. Right?”


 “They taught you to fight the Light King’s army, but they didn’t teach you how to fight their own kind of creatures, do you know why?”

“Why.” Adler was looking like he was going to puke.

“Because if he wins the war, then The Dark King gets his way and will kill everyone. He will use you, grow an army of evil creatures that will rise and put the end to the human race forever.”



5 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 11

  1. Salmon pink… not my first choice, but I’m not the boss. About the story, though… what’s with the grass part? Are you going to explain that later? If so, tell me to shut up. 🙂 (Aah! you’re luring me in!)

    1. I didn’t know the letters would look like that 😛 lol besides I like Orange better. and the grass part is simple, grass needs light to grow and there was grass everywhere in a dark place.. there is another source of light. I think i explian that later…

  2. I can’t wait (not literally). The suspense is building up nicely. This is a nice experience for me. I don’t often get to talk with authors about their writing. (Okay, I never talk with authors about their writing, except with one author, at which time I hadn’t read any of her works. That was quite awkward. “Hi! Which books of mine have you read?” “Uuuuh… none.”)

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