The Warrior Chapter 12


Chapter 12

Adler was shocked, you could tell. He was trying to say something but couldn’t get it out. The screeching and howling got closer,

He calmed down and put his arm on my shoulder and met my gaze, “We’re going to fight this. We’re going to win. For my parents and yours we have to find this King-”

“You believe me?”

“Of course, I always felt that someone was watching me. Keeping me safe and we’re going to make it.”

I bent down into my pack and threw him some weapons, including the gun.

He checked the rounds, “This is only enough to kill 50 or 60.”

 “That won’t be enough,”

He looked at me, “I know.”

If we die, I was going to die trying. I climbed a tree and Adler climbed the one across from me. I had my sword, some shurikens, some katanas, and my bow and arrow. Adler had the gun, and the rest of the shurikens. It was going to have to last us for awhile.

 I put on my goggles; Adler wanted me to use them since I had the bow and arrow he forgot his pair at the camp. I put them on and gasped. There were over 500 of them coming. They were in the distance about 700 yards or so. I aimed my arrow straight at one’s heart when I heard The Voice, “Where is your horse?” I looked around, I couldn’t find Thor. I was afraid to make a noise so I couldn’t ask Adler. I turned my head around and saw an open field, with grass in it and saw Thor, “He’s safe,” I whispered aloud to the Voice.

 I was surprised when the Voice answered back, “Get down, and go to the field.”


“Now.” I got down; I didn’t even know what I was doing. I ran to the field, it was farther than I presumed.










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