The Warrior Chapter 13


Chapter 13



Barata woke up groggy, and started cussing. He was tied up to a tree, he sighed. This wasn’t a good day for him at all, he cut the ties with a blade he had in his boot and stood up. His mobile phone rang, these were rare, but he had one so he could keep in touch with The Dark King. Luckily there was service where he was, “Hello Your Majesty,”

“Where is the girl?” Barata was sweating bullets.

 He didn’t want to tell him what happened to the girl, “I have her.” He said proudly,

 “Lies!” The Dark King shouted. Barata almost dropped his phone,

“You think I’m so stupid, don’t you. I know what happened, and because of this you will pay.”

 “But your Majesty please-” The call was dropped, it was too late. Barata threw the phone down angrily.

He turned to a voice, “Hello Barata.”

He jumped, “You’re-you’re Majesty. I did-didn’t know you could get here so fast.”

 “Shut up you damn fool.” He did.

 “Say you’re last words you insolent moron.”

 “Please- forgive me.” The Dark King grinned evilly; he pointed his scepter at him.

 “Not good enough. Remember I don‘t forgive.” The scepter lit up a glowing green color; he threw it in Barata’s direction. There was a flash of green then darkness again. The Dark King saw what was left of Barata, “Fool.” he thought as he stepped on his ashes, “That’s what the rest of the world will look like in my reign.” and with that he spat on his ashes and walked off. The Dark King opened his cell phone, “Skullcracker.” Skullcracker was the captain of The Dark King’s Army. He was a zombie, hence the name. And a very tall one, when he was alive, he was a basketball player. He won the NBA finals in the year 2016 which was a long time ago. Even The Dark King was a bit creeped out by the guy. I mean zombie, “I want you to take your men, and take the werewolves and get the girl.” He heard a grunt and the line went dead.

He could rely on Skullcracker, even though zombies don’t understand anything, The Dark King knew how to control them. He invented a certain power to where all zombies were under his rule and order. The Dark King smiled, his plan was coming along well. He went back to his Kingdom.

The Dark King was so powerful, that by manipulation, he could think of a place and be there in seconds. He closed his eyes and the next second he was on his balcony overlooking his entire army. He spoke though a megaphone, “My good friends! It is time! It is time to end all followers of The Light King! He is an imposter, he will never be me. It is time for my reign to go out to the entire world.” He heard a cheer. It was the loudest thing he ever heard in his life. He grinned evilly, “It is time my brother,” He whispered, “You will go down.”







14 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 13

      1. 1. Good. That helps a lot with my story. The question I was wondering about was, if someone’s father/mother was a famous person in a genre (music, literature, etc,), would that someone consider her their favorite from that genre? I don’t know if that makes any sense, but you still helped me.
        2. Yeah, it isn’t bad. I’m on the fourth book. It’s a story like yours– good vs. evil mirroring what is happening in the world today. It has adventure, romance, and of course, good vs. evil. I was hooked once I saw the title of the fifth book: Lunatic. As you might know by now, that’s what I consider myself (jokingly).

      2. 1. It makes sense, glad I could help hahaha. Is it for the ending? Middle? or end of your story.
        2. Lunatic, haha me and my friends call ourselves Weirdos and Outcasts. And we take it as an insult if you call us “normal” haha and that sounds really really good are they an adult series or a teen series.

      3. 1. The next chapter to come out should address it. Phoenix’s mom is a music writer, and she has to tell who her favorite composer is. She says Igor Stravinsky, due to his work “The Firebird Suite”.
        2. Lunatic actually means “moonstruck”. In ancient times, it was thought that insanity waxed and waned with the moon. It is a teen series. By the way, you are relatively normal. Just as, relative to an ant, you are huge (no offense) and relative to a pig, you are sweet-smelling. Just go to any of the sites below to see why… (They aren’t all mine, only the top one.)

      4. 1. That sounds interesting. Do you plan on publishing your work? I do. My mom is an author, so some of my work has already been published or in the process.
        2. I did not know that about that word. I see the links, where do I go from there??

      5. 1. REALLY? Wow. Right now, I’m going with blogs. Actually, the next chapter doesn’t cover it, but maybe the next one. Or the next one. But yes, I do plan on publishing something later. Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo?
        2. Just read. These are a few of the blogs that I read (or write) often.

      6. 1. Yeah, haha it is. Even I am surprised that my work is published. And you should look into it. You never know what will happen. and no, I haven’t heard of it. Is it a Manga?
        2. OK Thanks 🙂

      7. 1. No, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. First consonant and vowel sounds of each word, you know? Anyway, I’ve just heard of it recently and I think I’m going to do it this year. It’s held in November, and you just have to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. It’s gonna be hard, but I excel at writing lots of words in short times. The story doesn’t even have to be good. I’ve included the link below.
        And how is your work published? Or, how can I look into it?

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