The Warrior Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Adler was sitting in the tree when he saw Samara jump off the tree and run off, “What does she think she’s doing?” He said. “She wants to get us killed!” He saw the army get closer, and closer.

He was torn he didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t do this alone. So he looked down the barrel of the gun and aimed, “STOP!” He heard. He almost dropped his gun. He looked around, he saw no one, “Follow the girl.” Adler was confused, was this the voice Samara was hearing? “Who are you?” He said aloud, “Follow her.”

Adler was uncertain, he was sort of sure that this was the Voice but it could be The Dark King trying to trick him as well.

He shrugged and looked down the barrel for a second time, he almost pulled the trigger when he heard, “Samara is in grave danger if you stay in that tree.” He

heard the army get closer and closer. He jumped down from the tree and ran after Samara.



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