The Warrior Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The Dark King laid out his plans. He knew where his brother was. He smirked at the thought of his brother, whenever he called him brother. The Light King would cringe, and say, “I am not your brother, you are nothing like me.” It was true, they weren’t brothers, but he liked to tease the Light King. The Light King would never get mad at him he would walk away, “The wimp,” he thought, “I was always stronger than him.” He stroked his black beard, “And more handsome.” He stood and walked out onto the balcony again where his entire army was outside waiting for future orders. There were humans, vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies, demons, and one dragon. He was the biggest sight The Dark King ever saw. The Dragon was at least seven stories high he had eight eyes, and was red. His scaly skin shone, and he breathed black fire. The King smirked, he loved that dragon, he was his own creation. “Army! Gather your troops to the Field of Victory , there we will fight and defeat the Light King and I will have Victory. Let’s go!” He heard of battle cry and the army took off after their target. The Dark King smirked at the coincidence of the name of the field. “Ha Ha.” He thought, “At this field is where I will gain my Victory.”  The Dark King donned his battle armor and sat in his throne. He closed his eyes, and then he disappeared


3 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 15

      1. No, not a problem at all, though readers notice if one word is used over and over. I’d suggest using different synonyms. Maybe. It’s fine, though. Not bad at all.

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