The Warrior Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I went into the field and saw Thor; for some reason I couldn’t see anything with the goggles on and took them off. Thor was shining, like silver. He ran farther away from me; I was attracted to the odd light and followed him. Then Thor vanished behind some bushes, when he came back out I was shocked.

Thor changed, he wasn’t a horse anymore, he turned into a Pegasus. His wings were gigantic, and graceful. But beautiful all at the same time. He walked up to me and gave me what looked like a bow. My mouth was open in shock. He then ran away from me, faster, and faster. He started lifting from the ground, and he flew. I saw mountains in the distance. Then I heard Adler behind me, I couldn’t turn, I just couldn’t. The sight was amazing,

“Hey, what’s happening?” I said nothing, he followed my eyes and his expression became mine. We stood there together and watched Thor fly, then we heard thunder, and we saw flashes of lightning. I screamed and put my hands over my ears, The noise was intense. I’ve heard thunder before and it was nothing like this. This was ten times louder. Then I saw a light, I saw black clouds, I never have seen clouds in my life but there they were.

I saw Thor disappear into the clouds. Then there was more thunder. I fell on my knees crying. I wept loudly, Adler was next to me he had his arms around me. I wanted to stop crying, I didn’t know why I was crying, but I couldn’t stop. I thought about everything: Baldy, my parents, The Dark King, Lucinda, Adler. The thoughts didn’t stop coming. The thunder was louder and louder. My hands were shaking.

Then Thor was flying back I saw the black clouds break apart, it looked like literally the horizon was being torn in half. I saw someone was mounted on Thor. I couldn’t see his face, Thor was close to us, I saw a hand reach out to me. Randomly, I stood up and held my hand out. He grabbed my hand, and I held onto it. We went up; higher and higher. I held onto the figure tighter. We came to a huge mountain, Thor landed on a cliff. I could see the field behind me. The rider got off and carried me off. I was in shock I didn’t know what was happening so I fainted.

When I came to, I felt alone. I started to cry again, “It’s OK. I heard, “Rise,” It was The Voice, I knew that voice.

It was him. I looked up; I saw a figure stand over me. He had the most humble eyes I have ever seen, they were silver. His smile was welcoming. He reached for me and I didn’t know why but I hugged him. He hugged me back. He was tall, and even though I was tall, I felt like a little kid being hugged by their father. When I was finished crying, he touched my forehead with his hand, and I felt everything I knew and understood leave me. Pain, loneliness, sadness, all of it. Gone… He then touched my forehead with one finger and I looked down, I was wearing a simple dress, it was white, and it showed my figure, “It’s simple, yet beautiful. Just like you.” he said. “But how will I fight?” I said astonished, “Use the book.” “I can’t-” “Yes you can.” The book magically appeared in my hands. I opened it. I could read I was surprised, but I didn’t look up.

I read the first thing I opened to, it said, “Yea though I walk through the valley of The Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil for you are with me.” I looked at him, “What is this?” He smiled, “The best book in the world.”

I read the sentence again, “You, that’s you. Isn’t it, you are with me.” He smiled, and I smiled back. I understood it, he was happy that I finally understood.

Then another puzzle piece clicked into place, “You… You’re the Light King!” He nodded, “I will talk to you later.”

Then there was a flash, and I was back in the field, next to Adler. I saw concern line Alder’s face, “Are you OK?” I looked down, I was holding the book, and I was still wearing the dress. This was real, I looked at the mountain, Thor was coming back. Then I grabbed Adler’s shoulders, “Adler listen to me, you are in danger, go to him.” “What are you talking about?” Tears welled in my eyes, “TRUST me, have faith Adler!” Then out of nowhere as if I was in a trance, I spoke, “Adler! You’re name means Eagle. Fly Adler fly!” He looked at me strangely. I had to let him go.

I walked to the middle of the field. I knew the monsters would be here within seconds. I saw Adler about to follow me when Thor zoomed by and picked Adler up. “It’s your turn for a talk” I said to myself.

I glanced down at the book. I had a feeling I knew how to defeat these enemies. I wasn’t sure, but I was going to have faith. Then from all around me the monsters came out, they leapt out of trees, and bushes. I was not protected I had no sword, or spear. No helmet, or armor, just a dress. They circled me like prey, I opened the book and glanced at the first line.

It said, “The Lord shall cause your enemies attacking you to be defeated before you, they come at you in one way and flee from you in seven ways.” “That’s encouraging” I muttered, I kept flipping through the book. The creatures were looking at each other as if I was crazy, their faces seemed to be saying, “She‘s about to be our dinner and all she is doing is reading?” Then I found my key, “Because of this, take up all of the whole armor of The Lord that you may be able to resist the evil, and being prepared you shall prevail.” Then the book explained about the different kinds of armor, my eyes widened because I understood it now. I had a different kind of sword. One that was more powerful than a double-edged sword. I closed my eyes and said something in a language foreign to me. I repeated it over and over again, I imagined all the creatures at my feet dead.

I imagined them being burned to ashes. I saw my self in a field, I was actually witnessing my future, I saw a tall zombie walk forward, about to tear my limbs off, when fire came down, it scorched the zombie into ashes, then I saw twenty werewolves leap at me. Then they too, got burned to ashes. I kept my eyes closed,  “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow Of Death, I will fear no Evil for you are with me.” I repeated it over and over. Until I heard his Voice say, “Open your eyes,” I opened them and saw nothing. No monsters, no zombies, nothing except ashes.


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