The Warrior Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Adler was sort of freaking out. No he was freaking out; First off Thor took him to an abandoned cliff. Adler fell off Thor, “Owww. What did you do that for?”

Thor shook his head and neighed, “Yeah, thanks for laughing at me.” He saw someone at the edge of the cliff, he walked towards him, “Who are you?”

He saw The King turn around, He smiled warmly, “You should see what your partner just did to 456 zombies.” Adler walked forward, “Did you have to be precise?” The King tilted his head back and laughed.

Then Adler saw Samara in the field, “Why is she closing her eyes?”

“Because she trusts me.”

“What? Why you? I don’t even know who you are,”

The King shook his head sadly, “Yes you do, I saved your life twice. The first time when Samara held her knife to your throat. The second time just a few minutes ago. Also, you made fun of Samara for listening to me.”

Adler’s eyes got big, “You’re the Voice?” The King laughed, “Yeah, that’s what you guys call me.” He smiled and winked at him.

Adler then understood, “You’re the Light King,” Alder frowned, “How come I never heard of you,”

“Because he-” The King pointed to a figure in the field, “Never mentioned me to you.” Adler recognized the figure, “That’s the Dark King.”

“Yup. He can get aggravating, he thinks he’s won. But not yet.” He turned to Adler, “So, am I another myth? Do you believe in me?”

Adler shrugged, “I don’t know what to believe in anymore.” The King walked up to him and touched his forehead, “Yes you do,” he said softly, “Remember the lullabies you mother used to sing to you? What about the quotes your Father taught you, that’s why they died Adler, you’re parents believed in me. They are with me now,” Adler had tears in his eyes, “You know them? You- you mean I can see them?” He nodded, “After this is over though. Look, there is some trouble,” He looked at Adler, and Adler sensed that he knew everything about him his thoughts, feelings, and dreams… “I want to help, in the war. I want to defeat the Dark King,”

“In time my Son, in time.” Then the Light King vanished.



After I glanced around at all the ashes, I heard a groan. I turned and Adler was behind me holding his head, “Are you OK?” He nodded, “Yeah, I have a headache though. Was I dreaming?” Then he saw me in the dress holding the book, his eyes widened at all the ashes. “Did- did you see that?” I asked. He nodded, “I saw it, you’re awesome.” I laughed, I had tears in my eyes, “I still can’t believe he helped me. I honestly thought I was going to be  dinner.” Adler shook his head in amazement. He looked like he was sorting things out in his head. “Did he talk to you?” I asked. “Yes,”


“And, all I can say is, I wish I could have believed in him sooner,” he looked down nervously, “Just like I wish I could have met you sooner.” I blushed.

He walked up to me and put his hands gently on my arms. At a closer look, his eyes were brown with grey flecks in them they were beautiful. I was about to tell him something when I heard evil laughter echo throughout the field. Adler pulled away from me and turned pale, “What is it?” I asked, “I am so sorry, I forgot to tell you.” “Tell me what!?” Adler pointed a finger to the person walking towards us in the field. The Dark King had arrived.


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