The Warrior Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The Dark King smirked at these fools. So what if she killed only a small percentage of his army. He had thousands more for her to fight. Besides, The Light King, as they call him, was getting weaker. He knew it, because so far, he hadn’t seen the idiot yet, he wouldn’t leave those children alone. He would be next to them protecting them.

“The wimp.” He thought. He walked up to them smiling at the fact that they were about to be killed. These fools had caused him too much hell.

He smiled, “Hello.”

I flinched at the voice. I turned, “I hate you.”

“I know you do, and I don’t care.” He pointed to Adler, “You there, you really think that he has your parents? I have their bodies still in my chambers. So how could it be possible that that silly imposter has them? Alive and well?”

Adler walked up with his hands in fists, “I swear, say one more thing and I will kill you and your whole army. I will hunt you down.”

“I am not scared of you little boy, touch me and your hand will melt off, let me show you an example.” He threw his scepter towards me. A bright green ray came from it. I tried to jump aside but the ray hit me in the side. I felt pain, up and down, it was a burning pain, I screamed. The pain was intense. I fell on the ground, with the book in my arms.

“What the hell? What did you do to her!?” Adler screamed.

“Adler-” I gasped. “Adler, calm…down..”

The Dark King smirked, happy with himself, “Oh, I just struck her with some of my dark powers. She’ll be dead within five minutes.” Adler held me in his arms, “Why? Why did you bring her into this?”

“You just wouldn’t listen. So I had to take something away from you.” Adler had tears in his eyes, “Samara… I wish-”

I put my hand on his face, “I know. I wish we could have been together, but I’m going to be happy. up there with him. Enjoy your life Adler, find someone, have kids-”

“But I wanted to do all that with you.”

“I’m sorry” I whispered. Though in my pain, I said to the Dark King, “You think you won, but you know what? I forgive you, I forgive you for taking everyone from my life. And When I die, I won’t be in pain. I will be happy again; I’ll see Lucinda and my parents.”

The Dark King glared at me, “You think they are alive? Silly girl, I have their bones in my throne room along with his parent’s bodies.”

I stubbornly shook my head. I held my side and gasped, I knew it was time. In a rush I leaned forward and kissed Adler, “Bye Adler.” I said. I leaned back and closed my eyes and then I died.


5 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 18

      1. It seems like almost all the other fantasy books of this sort, like Chronicles of Narnia, the Door Within (you’d like that trilogy– it’s by Wayne Thomas Batson), with the main character dying at the end and going to eternal life. But, all in all, not bad. I’m waiting to see what happens to the Dark King.

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