The Warrior Chapter 19

Chapter 19

I saw a light, it was very bright and it was coming for me. I went through a tunnel. I was wondering where I was. At the end of the tunnel, I saw The Light King on Thor, “Hey Thor!” I looked at the King,  “What’s up?”

He smiled, “I love how your spirit is much happier than your body.” I laughed then remembering what happened to me I asked him, “Where is Adler? Am I dead?” He nodded, “But don’t worry, look over there.” I looked through what looked like a mirror, and I saw Adler. I was looking down on Earth what was happening that very minute, I looked at The King and smiled, “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

I looked back to the mirror and saw what happened next.


4 thoughts on “The Warrior Chapter 19

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