The Warrior Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Adler shook Samara softly, “Samara? Samara?” She didn’t respond. He put her softly on the ground. He glared at the Dark King with hatred in his eyes, “You will pay for this.” The Dark King smiled, “Silly boy.” Adler was tired of The Dark King’s insults. He picked up the book and threw it at the Dark King. Then the impossible became possible. The book hit The Dark King in the forehead, The Dark King grabbed his head in pain, “Aaa!!” He roared. “Insolent fool!” He pointed his scepter at him. The green ray blasted towards Adler but nothing happened. Adler stood there and laughed at the Dark King. Then he stopped laughing, and looked at him. The Dark King was about to throw the green ray at him again when he looked down at himself it seemed as if he was shrinking; smaller, and smaller. The Dark King screamed, “No! This can’t be!”

He tried to make it stop with his magic, but his magic wasn’t as powerful as this unknown power. A white fog enveloped him and he just kept shrinking, the white fog was overtaking the green light. Then fire came down from the sky, it was so bright that Adler turned away. Then when he finally opened his eyes, he turned and looked behind him. The Dark King was nothing but a pile of ashes, “Alright!” Adler shouted. He turned and looked at Samara, “I wish you could have seen that.” He said softly. Then he remembered the book, he started looking frantically for the book. He found it next to the ashes. Surprisingly, it was still in one piece.

He heard shouts and cries of anger, “Uh Oh.” He thought, “I bet that is his army.” He was right all kinds of creatures leapt at him. He grabbed the closest weapon near him, a sword. It was better than nothing, he fought. It was the hardest battle of his life. It seemed as if he killed one creature, two more would come up. He grew tired quickly. He was not doing much damage to the army. Unbeknownst to Adler, a zombie approached from behind of him. He was trapped. The zombie knocked Adler out, and limb by limb, tore Adler to pieces.


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