Sorry readers! I have been gone for a while because I was on vacation. 🙂

Yup, I went to California! We were gone for a few days, but it didn’t matter because I made some wonderful memories with my family that I will never forget.

Christmas was wonderful. As usual, spent time with my family and had a good time. Part of my Christmas present was the trip so we were all anxious for that.

We left December 30. The drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles took 8 hours. Because we  lost our way. It is still funny! There are so many roads in California, it was too confusing. But we all had a good drive, my sister told many jokes and all I did was laugh. We grew so tired we sung The Wheels on The Bus, and came up with our own version.

On the way to Los Angeles

We arrived at our hotel at 11pm and slept. I was so excited that I woke up at 6:30 the next day. We visited Redondo Beach, and Venice Beach. It was cloudy and chilly, but I still took my shoes off and walked on the sand and stuck my feet in the water. I loved the Pier at Redondo Beach, it reminded me of the movies. 🙂

Redondo Beach

Venice beach was beautiful and I collected a lot of seashells. I have a jar of them on my bookshelf. 🙂

That day December 31, we had dinner in a restaurant with windows over looking the ocean, and afterwards we went back to our hotel room to watch TV.

We still shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR! haha I will never forget that New Year 🙂

on January 1, we visited Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. We had so much fun there. It was hilarious to pretend that we weren’t tourists, and that we fit in Beverly Hills. We all fit in with the snobby air of Beverly Hills, except my Dad who looked like the typical tourist with his camera around his neck. 🙂

Rodeo Dr.


We walked on the Walk of Fame! That was so much fun except for the wall to wall people. We bought some souvenirs and  took a bunch of pictures of the stars. My sister took a picture with Michael Jackson. 🙂

Elena and MJ

The next day we left.  We checked out of our hotel room and headed to Santa Monica Beach. That was my favorite beach out of all of them because it was so picturesque. The Pacific Park in the background with the huge Ferris Wheel, and the bright sun reflecting off  the water. There were sailboats out and surfers. We actually took a picture with a REAL surfer! 😀 I took my shoes off again and played in the water with my brother and sister. The water was cold, but a good cold.

Then we went to Malibu. I felt so tiny! The houses were huge and the mountains were so… BIG! We watched the magical sunset and then we went home.

I will never forget that trip. It has been over 10 years since I have traveled anywhere out-of-state and this trip brought back so many memories of  when I was little.

NOTE: These pictures are taken by me 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!


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