The Hunger Games (film)

I recently watched The Hunger Games with my family. I read the books prior to watching the movie and was impressed with how much the movie resembled the book.

I don’t cry at movies. I don’t like people watching me cry if a movie is deep. But when I saw Rue die, I just burst into tears.

Rue was Katniss‘s little shadow. After Rue saved her life, Katniss watched over her and protected her like a little sister, and when she died, it broke her heart.

It also broke my heart because Rue reminded me of someone I know…

We all have a Rue. Someone who is younger than you and is your little shadow. It can be a younger brother, sister, a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend… Someone who you will kill for, and fight for when being bullied.

For me it is my little sister. When I first read the books, the way they described Rue was just like my little sister. Small, flexible, and agile. And when I watched the movie, I couldn’t help think about my little sister. When she died, it made me cry so hard.

Think about it… What if that ONE person you will always protect just left you one day. I could not imagine my life without her.

I have had a Rue in my life. I met her at church a while back, and when I got to know her, I knew nothing could separate us. The more I knew her, the more I felt protective over her. She was my little shadow.

Then I got kicked out of church. Told to not come back. Her parents told me not to speak to her again, and I have never heard from her since…

I still cry when I think about her, and when I was crying watching Katniss singing to Rue, I thought about her.

A Rue is meant to stay in your life for a certain time. They aren’t supposed to stay with you forever. They are meant to leave a mark on your heart, and leave. Teach a lesson, and go…

Maybe you have had a few Rue’s in your life. Maybe you haven’t met that person yet. But I know that I am going to go against the grain, change the rules, and never lose My Little Rue…. My little sister will never leave me… But if it is meant to be… Then it is.

Rue’s Lullaby:

“Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your eyes
And when they open, the sun will rise.”


8 thoughts on “Rue

  1. Oh man… When Rue died in the book, I cried hard as well. Rue was pretty much my favorite character… Maybe because she’s so much like me. In age, personality… I even find that music is amazingly important in my life. Sometimes, I find I’m a sort of shadow as well… But not a shadow to anything in particular. Just a shadow in general, perhaps.
    I haven’t seen the movie, but somehow I have a feeling the scene wouldn’t make me cry like the book did. Written words give you time for the information to sink in.

    1. I agree!!! The book made me cry and the movie made me tear up. But I would suggest for you to watch the movie because it is very excellent. But of course I like the books better that’s me 😉 . Not because she is the main character, but I remind my self of Katniss in alot of places…

  2. You got kicked out of church? How is that even possible? A church is supposed to be a place where Christians gather around each other and support each other through times of trial, not kick each other out!
    I have a Rue in my life. She’s my little “sister”, I would do anything to keep her from experiencing the pain that I’ve lived through. She’s three years younger than me, and I am very, very protective of her.
    I’ve also been a Rue before. I’m the youngest in my family, and I used to shadow my older sister. She’s married and gone now, but I still look up to her.

    1. Yes. I did get kicked out. There are more and more churches out there that are like that. They are just religious bigots that’s all… and that is so cool… My little sister is my Rue too… And because I am one of the oldest in my family I have no idea how it feels to be a Rue.. How does it feel?

      1. At times it’s annoying, especially the person you look up to and respect doesn’t have time for you, rarely ever talks to you, and views you as just a little kid… But in other ways it’s kind of nice. Everyone needs a mentor, someone older than you that you can look up to and get help from. Any my Rue isn’t actually my sister, she’s just a really really good friend who is a lot like a sister to me. All my sisters are a lot older than me and I rarely ever see them.

      2. That sucks.. I always try to talk to my little sister. and I have friends who are so close they are like sisters to me as well haha. and I think younger ones should be respected. I respect my little sister. Always have. I also confide in her and listen to her

      3. Well, I’m a lot younger than my sister. As in, 13 years younger, so you can see how she would view me as a little kid. As for my little “sister”, I often forget that she’s younger than me. We hang out all the time, she lives down the street and we homeschool together while my parents are at work. There’s actually three of us, me and the two sisters. One of them is my age and the other is three years younger, and we’re always together.

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