One Red Drop…

This is another poem of mine. Please read it, and share it with others. ENJOY! 😀

One Red Drop…

By Esther Brincat

There’s a bullet in my heart,
A blood drop in my hand
Tears streaking down your face.
Your expression tells me everything,
“Why do I have to be in this place?”

Red pools of sorrow,
The sadness in your eyes,
“You didn’t do this.” I say,
You look up at the skies.

You can’t replace some one else’s hurt,
“It’s not your fault.” I scream
My hands clenched in the dirt.
“Go home, let me be.
Let me rest and die in agony.”

“I can’t let you do that,”
She whispers, “I can’t let you go.
Just give me a chance,
You gotta let me know!”

With her soft hands she removes my bullet,
The one that was left there by someone who blew it,
With a needle she mend me,
And I go through more pain.

“You promised!” I yell,
“Why is there pain?”
Her tears are still there,
her knees scratched up,
from sitting in the dirt.

“To go through love,
you gotta give up the pain.
Don’t you see?
The one who loves you is me?

I’m not after you to hurt you,
After you to desert you,
After you to take everything from you.
So do you finally see?” She says,
With a sad look at me.

I look at my wound,
and down at my heart,
I can’t see any scars, any blood any marks.
The blood on me all gone,
except for one red drop.




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