The Door…

The Door…

By Esther Brincat

The door that was once open
Is now closed.
An opportunity vanished
And yet you still wait there
While I sit behind the closed-door
Crying in my hands.

You ask me through the door
Why do I ignore you,
You ask me why
And I can’t tell you.

If I could change things I would,
If time could travel backwards…
Watch me I would be there.
My choices I regret
And I regret them because I pulled you down with me.

And now I wish you never met me,
I wish I could have locked myself up
And become a prisoner,
Of myself…
A prisoner of my heart…
A prisoner of my feelings…
That have led me wrong.

Now the darkness haunts me,
Negativity sets in.
I want to be happy,
But then I have to make sacrifices,
Just so you can be happy.

What would you say?
If I told you,
That your happiness,
And your future,
Is my goal.
That your happiness,
Is worth more than mine?




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