What is a miracle? We define a miracle to be an act sent from above to make all things new and better. WRONG

Origin of the word Miracle
So this is what I perceived when I read the origin of that word:
A miracle isn’t just a spectacular showing of God’s glory.
“You’re healed!”
“You can see!”
“You can walk! Praise the Lord!”
If the word miracle comes from the word to smile; then real miracles occur when we can make people smile or laugh. When we compliment someone instead of tearing them down.
My sisters perform miracles every day by making me laugh with their humor. My mom performs miracles when after a long day of work she still can listen to my worries and afterward make me smile.
Miracles happen every day but people are too focused on the negative to see them.
Start focusing on the positive. If you stop thinking about yourself, and put your mind on others, then your whole world will change. Give someone a smile, or a hug. Make someone laugh. Even if you didn’t fix the problem, they will always be grateful for that laugh.
MIRACLE=SMILE: Smile more, laugh more, perform miracles more. 🙂
In Bruce Almighty, it gives a perfect example on what a miracle is.
"Parting a soup is not a miracle, Bruce.
It’s a magic trick
A single mom
who’s working jobs,
and still finds time
to take her son to practice,
that’s a miracle.
A teenager who says no to drugs
and yes to an education
that’s a miracle.
People want me to do everything for them
What they don’t realize                
is they have the power
Want see a miracle, son?         
Be a miracle." -God in Bruce Almighty

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