The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

By Esther Brincat

It is called The Waiting Game,
They take who you love
And point the finger towards you to blame,
They take who you love.

They call it The Waiting Game,
Men and women play it,
From your heart, they pick a name
And your heart skips a bit.

One man played it for fourteen years,
After getting tricked and deceived
After many nights filled with tears
He finally won her, he finally achieved.

They call it The Waiting Game
They separate lovers from the heart
A relationship that used to once be tame-
Ruined what they used to have in the start.

A girl waited for decades
Making mistake upon mistake along the way,
Her heart felt like a grenade,
Those mistakes made her pay.

Not everyone wins in The Waiting Game,
Some lose hope and quit,
Their lives are never the same
Breaking her heart and throwing it in a pit.

A rare few win The Waiting Game,
Lovers love even though they are apart
Keeping that old flame,
Their love lighting a spark,

When you’re in The Waiting Game
You have to keep fighting
And yet no one is the same,
You have to keep trying.

They will destroy your soul
Rape your mind,
Stop you from reaching your goal
The only thing that is on your mind.

Stay strong in The Waiting Game,
Wait things out,
Don’t reach the point of shame
Never have doubt
Never let them win
The Waiting Game.



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