What I Want…

What I want to hear from you,
Is that you will always hold me up,
And you will never let me go.

And if I cry and swear to leave,
You will grab my hand as I turn
Kiss me on the lips
And beg me to stay.

What I need from you is to love me,
To shun me from those harsh words,
And for you to rock me to sleep,
As I sit in your lap and we count the stars.

I want you to miss me-
And when you look at the starry sky-
You will think of me.
As often as I think of you.

I want you to want me-
To want me to run up to you and hug you
To grab your hand just to feel how string it feels in mine.
To stand on my tiptoes to kiss your cheek.

I want to see your smile-
I want to see your eyes sparkle
When I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you to me.

I need you to love me
As much as I love you.






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