Do You See Us?

Do You See Us? By Esther Brincat

Do you see us?
Standing together under a starry sky
you tilting my head up
and even though I’m shy,
I look you in the eye.

Do you see us?
you bend down to kiss me,
and when we kiss,
with the moon as our company,
the stars shine in our bliss.

Do you see us?
dropping me off on the driveway
kissing me goodnight
I stand on my tiptoes in my red beret
to reach your lips to finish the day.

Do you see us?
Falling asleep in your arms
I sleep in peace,
because I know you will protect me from harm
and throughout the night you never release, me.

Do you see us?
Teaching me your world, showing me your life
I swear I will love you- with no fear,
no hurt- no pain- no strife

Do you see us?
Because I see it,
I fall asleep alone-
Just wishing you were by my side.
Do you see us?



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