July 26, 2012

Here is another poem describing how I feel at the moment…

Afraid To Lose you~ Esther Brincat


Why am I so fearful?

I wonder what you think of me nightly,

In love, they say to be careful,

But the thought of losing you is frightening.

Why am I afraid?

I want to step out and trust you,

But if I do, will our love fade?

or will it grow stronger, and turn into something new.

Why am I shaking?

I’m afraid of what you will say,

If you see the weird, wacky me.

I don’t want you to think I’m faking,

I want you to be okay

With the weird wacky me

I don’t want you to walk away

When you see that side of me.

Why am I scared to lose you?

You mean so much to me…

I never thought it would get this way

So when you see all of me,

Babe, what will you say?



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