August 1, 2012

It’s raining in Vegas! 😀 I pray that it continues… I love the rain. It makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Here is a poem I wrote last night:

Do the stars hold a story?
People say that they never lie,
When you have no one to go to,
Do you look up the sky?
And find your answer in the stars,
That are scattered across the midnight blue.

Stars hold our stories,
Do they hold our answers?
They shine in our victories
And dim in our miseries.


Can they read our mind?
Do they feel our pains?
Do they know how to find,
The key to unlock our chains.

As a prisoner to our heart,
We find hope in the stars,
And hope one day we can make a new start,
Erasing and forgetting the old scars.

We look at the glittery sky
And hope inside that we won’t break
And burst into tears and cry
Instead we take
Our hope that the stars gave us and make a spark
Turning our dreams into reality
And we make our mark
In the lives of others.


And when we die
Our souls go on up into the sky
And we become stars
And we shine as bright as day
And we do our job erasing scars
Giving hope to some one down there
Who see us up here

Copyright 2012



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