How Do We Tell Them?

How Do We Tell Them ~ Esther Brincat

How do you tell your mother,
That you hate your father,
How do you tell her,
That your thoughts are a blur,
And how can you tell your mother
That you want to kill your father.

How can you tell your father,
That you miss him,
But you don’t want to be a bother,
And he’s a thousand miles away,
But all you want is for him to stay.

How can’t you tell your parents,
That you want to run away,
But you know they need you,
And so that fantasy fades,
Because they can’t live without you.

How do you tell your lover,
That what he sees is just a cover
You want him to see the real you,
But your afraid that he will hurt you too.

How do you tell the world,
That you want it to change,
To stop being so cold,
And treating us like we are so strange.

How do you tell your girl,
That you will be gone for five years,
And you want her to wait,
Even though you know there will be tears.

How can you tell your baby,
That you are leaving her,
And that maybe, just maybe,
One day things will be the way they were.

How do you tell your little girl,
That daddy isn’t here anymore
That he wont see you twirl,
In your wedding dress,
How can you tell someone who’s four,
That he won’t give you away,
To the man who will be with you,
For the rest of your days.

How can you tell your family,
That you won’t be around for long,
You want them to just wait and see,
Things will get better,
To not mourn because it feels wrong,

How can you tell your father,
To leave you,
Because you don’t want him around
To break your heart in two
For him to keep hurting you.
Because he drags your soul to the ground.
You want him to leave,
And never come back.

How can you tell society,
To leave us alone
They want us to believe in their own deity,
And we get in trouble because they don’t like our tone,
Our voices cry out to get noticed,
By the people who don’t care about us.
How can you tell them,
To stop trying to make us normal,
They want us to be the same gem,
To be more quiet, be more formal.

How can we tell them,
That we have our own voices
We aren’t a fake old gem,
We make or own choices,
When will they wake up?
And hear our voices?
How do we tell them?




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