August 10, 2012


What has happened to people these days??

No one show respect anymore. What happened to being courteous? Favors used to be done because you WANTED to do them. Now you do favors just to get something out of it. Why don’t people make the time to give someone a compliment?  and if you do receive a compliment. Why don’t you accept it?

My sister loves to walk around the mall or grocery stores and giving random people compliments. A lot of the times, these people give her weird looks and don’t even say thank you.

People also like to put the blame on our generation saying, “It’s those young kids who have no respect for their elders.”

When actually the disrespect is coming both ways.

Elders hate it when kids walk around swearing and cussing in front of young children. They also hate it when kids cuss in general.

But as I was sitting  in a community center, an elderly person came in swearing  just over laundry. His mouth was filthier than a sewer rat’s. Another elderly person told him to shut up because there was a kid in the room, and when she left she told me to have a nice day little lady. Now people like that make my day 🙂

Go out there. Make someone’s day! Put a smile on their face. Knowing that you made them smile is compensation enough, don’t you think? Besides, it wouldn’t hurt you to do it. Life isn’t about what you get FROM life. It’s about what you GIVE to it. That’s what we were born to do! Give… Not to take. If we give enough, that’s when will get blessed, and then we receive.



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