A Moment….

A Moment…
You cherish it, and once you cherish it-
it disappears.


A Moment…
Delicate as a butterfly,
time goes by
and nothing is as special as that moment.

A Moment…
When it is gone, you miss it.
Your soul aches at the absence
of that feeling you had when you were in that moment.

A Moment…
Could be a smile-
A flash of white teeth
directed your way,
then it’s gone.


A Moment…
Could be the look in your eyes,
there is something there-
and not one of you denies
that there is something special.

A Moment…
The moment before a kiss.
Staring deep into one another’s soul,
and when your soft lips meet his-
The moment rushes by
you break apart feeling the blood rush to your head.


A Moment…
Then there are missed moments.
When her back was faced to you,
you could have said “I love you.”
Only to never see her face again,
Because you missed the moment.

Missed moments are the worse,
Instead of the dull ache of a loved memory,
You have an empty hole of a lost opportunity.

Never miss a Moment…


Copyright 2012


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