June 20, 2013

People cause pain, and I hurt and bleed inside because of someone else’s mistakes. You can’t find true love anymore, for when one is in love; it is usually the other person who betrays you and stabs you in the back. Love is blindness. It is a death trap. Love is death for your soul and heart. But we fall inside anyways… We destroy ourselves and we sell out to love. Soulmate, mother, father, best friend, no matter what kind of love it is. You will get hurt. That is the catch with love.. Where is the world I long to be in. Where my happiness lies and my love awaits me. Is it just my imagination? Is it a mirage ? Can I bring love back into this society full of hatred and disgust? This world doesn’t have a problem, it is a people problem. And I will strive to be anything but what society tells me to be. And for now I will lock my already broken soul within myself.


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