May 1st, 2014

They say, “Why do you sleep so much
Look at you, it’s 2pm
You’re so thin, why don’t you eat enough”
Is it a sin, to sleep as much as I do
For I dream and I dream a lot,
One time I met God
and I told him to back from me
Because my life is a tragedy
I don’t want to injure him..
In my life I’m not a hero-
When I dream
I am the hero-
I save lives and do everything
that I need to be in this life
But instead I grab a knife
and try to plant it inside myself
because being a hero here
means to sell yourself..
And I don’t want to be like them
So that means to put an end
to anything that differs from normality
My dreams
let me be strong, I can run forever
Once I climbed a mountain
I almost touched the clouds