May 31, 2013

I do strongly believe that my choices that I have been making may lead to my self destruction. But I also believe in that sheer hope that I am right, and they will be wrong. But just like you had a hope that took you to your grave, I will have a hope that will out last all other hopes. And you will cry in joy, and wish that you did things like I did.


May 30, 2013

I am now in the adult world and things are a hit and miss. And you better move on quickly, because they won’t have you sulking to yourself. You have to take it like a champion wipe the blood from your mouth and look at your enemy dead in the eye and smile… With your smile, you’re telling them “I can do this.”
But you are also digging yourself a grave.
All that self confidence might kill you in the end
Or it might just save you.

May 30, 2013

And this month went rushing by like a waterfall of memories.. At times I wonder why you aren’t with me and at other times I wonder… How did everything fall apart so fast? It is strange to see how day by day, a life can change so drastically… One minute you were mine and the next we were saying our goodbyes. Parting is such a sweet sorrow, but there is tomorrow and better yet to come. I just have to ride this wave out first and finally when all this evil is over and done with I can get a start on my life.


May 22, 2013

I wonder what heavenly angels are watching us.. But I also wonder what kind of evil beasts watch us too, following our every move and waiting, just waiting for us to make a mistake.. They prey on our sins as a tiger preys on the little lamb. So we become the tiger, hunting down people and their mistakes. It’s a sad, sad truth. Once we become the hunted we will turn and betray our own kind and hunt them in return.. So as angels and demons are watching us, I’m going to make my choices using love.

The Melody in My Head

This melody in my head is a beggar struggling to the end..
This melody in my head
Keeps me up at night while in my bed
Death, death what a melody
A sorrowful song wanting to be set free.
No, I am not afraid
You lurk near my bed
Near the tears I shed
Death, I am not afraid.
I’ve seen you some days
But you haven’t taken me away
Just keep playing your melody
And maybe this time I can dream

April 10, 2013

Oh the heart ache….
Oh my heart..
My poor, poor heart.
To see someone you can’t touch
To love someone you can’t reach…
They seem so close
When in reality they are not.
The distance seems of that of the sun
And you are all alone in this large universe..
Lonely star… She will be together with the sun again.
For now all she can do us cry upon the Earth…
My poor heart…
Love is such a curse
One that I am willing to pay
But when will the pain stop.
There is no cure for this curse
You are my only cure
And I can’t….
I can’t get.. to.. you
Oh this curse…
It is worth it just to have you by my side for eternity.. But when will I be in your arms once more..


March 17, 2013


You can’t force your opinion on some one you can’t make them believe you.. Hard lesson isn’t it, all you try to do is live your life and try to survive but there are people out there who don’t like that idea much… We live in a world where people think they are better than others.. We’re all the same. We all were once slaves in modern society . So If I tell you I love someone i love them with all my heart and you don’t fuck with them and if you tell me I don’t love someone… Well, then you don’t know me like I thought you did….