October 14, 2012

I feel guilty. I haven’t been posting as much as I have wanted to lately. But I have been busy!

I work more hours now (Yay!)

I have been performing at a coffee house up the road from me. It opened a couple of months ago and now they have open mic nights every Friday. So I go there and read some poetry or sing. 🙂

I have worked on my homework. (Which I need to do.)

I am spending my fall making memories,

and I have been thinking.

I think A LOT. I believe I think too much. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. The other day I was thinking about words.

I decided to do a test on myself. For a couple of days I chose not to say but only a few words. I spoke unless I was spoken too. I noticed that I was more at peace with myself. Words are not necessary for certain moments. These days there are people who don’t know that. They can’t keep quiet.

When our words are lessened, our burdens lighten.